Table 6: Fanzine

«Regame los Commons» fanzine. Photo by Julio Albarrán

The main objective was to produce a fanzine whose thematic was #Caring4theCity. #Caring4theCity is for us the idea of life which is worth living (the good living), the protest as a form of caring the city, to make the invisible visible in the social struggles process about the Commons, etc.

Inside «Regame los Commons» fanzine

Inside «Regame los Commons» fanzine

With that in mind, the group created a fanzine composed of different formats from text edited using a computer to comics with handwritten texts, as well as aphorisms, tweets, drawings… The result, named Regame los Commons, was shared online at and it was made replicable.

The group was composed of: Silvia Nanclares (facilitator), Ricardo Antón, Elena Cabrera, María Castelló, Mauro Castro, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Sam Kehbizi, Arantxa Lauzirika, Txelu Balboa, Nuria Rodríguez, Javier Rodrigo and Jaron Rowan.

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