Table 5: Commonspoly

Commonspoly. Photo by Julio Albarrán

This group worked to create a demo board game. It was an evolution from the known Monopoly game to Commonspoly; from the emblem of capitalist economy to a new design of resources management. With the Monopoly we learnt the art of financial speculation, the competition and accumulation. Instead with the Commonspoly they tried to imagine a cooperative and redistributional model of resources management. The result was an operative game, which game board you can see at the following picture.

Commonspoly game board. Photo by Julio Albarrán

Commonspoly game board. Photo by Julio Albarrán

The group was composed of: Guillermo Zapata (facilitator), Virginia Benvenuti, Carla Boserman, Vassilis Chryssos, Francisco Jurado, José Laulhé, Carmen Lozano, Rubén Martínez, Peter Matjašic, Maria G. Perulero, Natxo Rodríguez, Igor Stokfisiewski, Menno Weijs and Mario Munera.

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