Table 3: Video Archive for the Commons


These questions were the starting points from where the participants started to work: We are going to think and design together innovative ways of engaging users (researchers, media makers, activists, educators) in a our video archives by sharing different needs and tools: aggregation, curation, tagging, filtering, remix, geolocation, etc.

On the basis of Doc Next Media Collection as studio case, the group had to imagine how the online and open audiovisual archive could work answering politically to the commons needs. In practise, the group produced two outcomes: a prototype to make video posters and a prototype tool to add subtitles or notes into videos.

Video Posters screenshot

The group was composed of: María Yañez (facilitator), Maarten Brinkerink, Claire Dolan, Juan Etxenike, Felipe G. Gil, Beka Iglesias, Eli Lloveras, Daniel Mirable, Vivian Paulissen, Adriá Rodríguez, Mariana Salgado and María Virto.

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