Table 1: Audio Tutorial

Table 1: Audio Tutorial

These questions were the starting points from where the participants started to work: How can we prototype new narratives that enables a widely dissemination of the work of social agents reclaiming the Commons and in a form of a tutorial?

This group had to produce a tutorial with differents formats with special focus on audio. The goal was to create audio tutorials to produce communication campaigns via Internet for collectives networking to defend the common goods and the right to the city. The result was the Hot Hot-Line.

Hot Hot-Line screenshot

The group was composed of: Carlos Delclós, Daphne Büllesbach, Teodor Celakoski, Sofia Coca, Alejandra de Diego, Andrzej Górz, Izabela Kaszyńska, Chantelle Lavel Boyea, María Lobo, Jessi Romero, Jerome Roos, Merve Uçak, Nuria García Atienza and Rosie Walker.

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