These questions were the starting points from where the participants started to work: We’ll explore the possibilities of our video archive as a device for web-native storytelling, by creating some demos that can inspire educators, activists and other media makers to use the videos of the Doc Next Media Collection for telling their own stories.

City Symphony screenshot

City Symphony screenshot

This table had to produce a webdocumentary demo using the Doc Next Media Collecion to build an interactive story based on web language. The result has been this public web (named City Symphony) and its code can be copied from here. They also created a prototype of another wedoc named Urbania. It can be watched at this video.

Urbania (webdoc prototype)


The group was composed of: Andreu Meixide (facilitator), Lucía Andújar, Nuria Campadabal, Anna Giralt, En Liang Kong, Pablo Martín, Natxo Medina, Belén Picazo, Guilles Pradeau, Juan Romero, Lucas Tello, Simón Vialas and Berto Yáñez.

More documentation about the process